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What If What If What If

Posted by Brooke on February 20th, 2010

The subjects of your worry

Unwanted things that you mull

Pondered things that upset you

Away from your happiness they pull

Believing that you are vulnerable

And susceptible to unwanted things

Holding a stance of protection

Is controlling how your life swings

It keeps you in your resistance

Not letting welcomed stuff in

You must keep open allowance

To fill your happiness bin

All the good stuff is waiting

For you to invite through your door

Put  THEM into your awareness

Upon your life they can pour

How can security happen

When you’re keeping all of your thoughts

On rain that can shower upon you

Or your garden’s upcoming drought

If you look at your life backwards

You can see just what I mean

The thinking is your creation

So far of what your life’s seen

Forge forward in powerful effort

To kindle a shift in your gears

Ruminate all your desires

Don’t contemplate all of your fears

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